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Hell's House

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Hell's House

Published 1932
Topics pdmovies

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Run time 1:08:10
Production Company B.F. Zeidman Productions Ltd.
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


Reviewer: MaxVonMayerling - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 24, 2016
Subject: Racist slur...
It's hard to hear the n-word in 2016 and not be shocked, because it's been so firmly identified as a racist slur. But in 1931 --- and even many years after -- the "Eenie-meanie" rhyme WAS "catch an n-word by the toe." "Tiger" was a polite substitution to make the rhyme more civilized. Into the '60s, you could walk up to a candy counter in Pennsylvania -- hardly an Old South state -- and order little licorice candies shaped like infants -- "Nigger Babies." Don't know what they call 'em these days.

Kmight4444, when you get all apoplectic about a stupid racial reference and dismiss the whole rest of the movie because of it, you're not only denying yourself the enjoyment of a good movie, you're also missing a new perspective on an old problem -- racism.
Reviewer: knight4444 - favorite - November 30, 2014
Subject: love Bette Davis, scrap this move
WOW, five minutes after poor jimmy's mother get ran over as road kill, jimmy's off to the city saying, eeny meeny miny moe, catch a NIGGER by the toe, that made me turn that crap off! Now of course our more hateful, ignorant crowd , and you know what crowd I'm referring to, will sugar coat little jimmy's racist slur and immediately call me or ANYONE who objects to racist slurs, as being racist themselves!! what a country!!
Reviewer: MrFrank - favoritefavoritefavorite - October 5, 2013
Subject: Who knew that doing the right thing could be sad.
Purity and tragedy within the first few minutes of the film, as well as an ongoing theme throughout. Many films of this era, bring us back to honest values, reminding us what's really important.
Reviewer: appledecca - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 21, 2010
Subject: Hells house.. Bette Davies knew a good story..
Oh, Yea...Warning...Racist moment at start... ( I guess filmaker did'nt show what it was like for the Black kids because well, I guess that really would've been like hell !
Reviewer: nigeldavahah - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 17, 2010
Subject: A Must Watch
Reviewer: ilovereallyoldmovies - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 16, 2010
Subject: great movie
The older the movie, the better they seem, and this one didn't disappoint me. I could also relate to it, since I was sent to the State Industrial School for Girls when I was the same age as Jimmy. Only I didn't get out for fifteen months! Thank goodness those reforms of the reform schools had already taken place by the time I was fourteen.
I will always love these old movies, and seeing the stars in their earlier roles.
Reviewer: Retrokevin1 - favoritefavorite - August 2, 2010
Subject: eamy-meany-miney-moe
Very enjoyable movie. But the "nigger" reference from the young man in the beginning was like someone taking a pee in my coffee. I knew that racism existed back then, I'm just surprised that it would be displayed in such a blatant way. Now I understand why this is one film from Miss Davis that was not preserved.
Reviewer: bestpbx - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 7, 2010
Subject: It's okay, bug guy!
This is a good little film. It goes over the top sometimes, but when you have Bette Davis, Pat O'Brien, and Charlie Grapewin in a movie from the1930's you are going to get something worth watching.
Reviewer: BABatson - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 6, 2010
Subject: As Good as They Come
'Hell's House' is full of flaws, but redeeming acting, a glimpse of civilisation as it was and could have been still but better today, but was spoiled by Green and Marxist disease (I mean here, the suicidal rebellion which stems from the Devil and leads to self-annihilation because -- dare I say it? -- The Bible really is True and them who have been rejecting it for these 2000 years have largely shaped the fall of Western Civilisation which they have largely brought about through background control of the media of information and education, its psychology, with a determination which can only be described as obsessive.

The redemption of 'Hell's House' is the several long & short moments of superb, heart in hand, acting which lifts an otherwise 'B' Movie out into the First Class territory. Although no where near what it might have been were more confidence, more finance, and more scripting might have made it, the film is touching by the innocence of those who act in the several stellar moments of pathos, scattered throughout the movie. What Bette Davis might have developed into says less about her and more about what commercial cinematography wanted -- and got.

The cinematographic photography is adequate, but no more -- it illuminates, but it does not contribute anything in itself, as if filmed by news reel cameramen, and they without imagination nor imaginative technique.

What Society America might have developed in contribution to Western, and World, Civilisation we might never know this side of Eternity; the Second World War and subsequent 'economic well-being by unlimited growth' economics designed in hell, these have seen to that.

So, taking what has been given us, as paltry fare as it may be, this 'Hell's House' is as good as they come.
Reviewer: revdaddy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 6, 2009
Subject: priceless
This film is priceless! It has everything. The writing is better than expected. The acting, with folks like Bette Davis (so young and she knew how to use those eyes) and Pat O'Brien (thin and handsome) you just can't have a bad movie. I give it five stars and I am sure I will watch it many times over the years.

I found it amusing when reading the opening credits that two of the actors were named "Junior".
Reviewer: jimelena - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 8, 2006
Subject: How is it now Shorty?
Bette Davis, Pat O'Brian, what's not to like?
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